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Mitochondrial Surveillance Mechanism Is Critical for Genomic Stability, Study Shows

A natural RNA surveillance mechanism is crucial to maintain the integrity of mitochondria’s encoded information for protein production and prevent the accumulation of potential disease-causing molecules. The study, “Human mitochondrial degradosome prevents harmful mitochondrial R loops and mitochondrial genome instability,” was published in the journal Proceedings…

Investigational Therapy Jotrol Shows Potential to Treat Mitochondrial Disorders, Mouse Study Suggests

Jotrol, Jupiter Orphan Therapeutics’ lead therapeutic candidate, was found to markedly improve mitochondria production in the liver and brain of mice with Alzheimer’s disease, according to preclinical data. These recent results further demonstrate the potential of the investigational therapy to modify mitochondria stability and function, without major toxicity effects.

Mitochondrial DNA Reaction Can Lead to Mutations That Cause Disease, Study Reports

Mitochondrial DNA can react with certain chemicals in the body to produce compounds that trigger genetic mutations — and the mutations can lead to mitochondrial disease, a study reports. The research at the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine dealt with mitochondrial DNA’s interaction with oxygen-containing chemicals called reactive oxygen species. Mitochondria…