What We Do

BioNews Services

BioNews Services is a digital media firm focused on building the web’s only network of news-based chronic disease education platforms. We currently operate over 30 (and growing) disease specific news websites with more than 200 total web properties that provide patients, caregivers, physicians and industry professionals access to comprehensive, disease-specific news coverage in near real-time.

BioNews Services brings together a dynamic editorial team composed of scientists (including 9 PhD’s) and professional journalists with the digital content marketing know-how needed to target and inform specific patient populations, putting your brand and campaign front and center.

Clinical Trial Recruitment

At BioNews Services, we are on the cutting edge of lean, effective clinical trial recruitment for drug developers of all sizes. Rather than using expensive, inflexible call centers and mass marketing that wastes exposure on the wrong patient demographic, BioNews utilizes a next-generation “inbound” marketing approach to promote your company’s clinical trial and drive patient referrals. Our network of disease-specific websites and social media, together with optimized daily news content and vigorous social media and search engine exposure leverages niche marketing practices to ensure that only people who have an interest in a particular disease are exposed to your trial. These “self-selecting” users discover our optimized news content and organically engage with a fully HIPAA-compliant clinical trial sign-up process that delivers referrals directly from our website to specific investigational centers, where they then can be followed up with.

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BioNews Services operates a wide network of standalone daily digital news websites that cover specific diseases. Because of this approach, only users who have a vested interest in a particular disease indication visit our websites and engage with our content. For your company, this means that 100% of your ad impressions on a BioNews site are in-line with our user demographics. Best of all, our lean, efficient approach to driving targeted web traffic not only makes us a quality leader in digital health advertising, but a price leader as well.

BioNews’ disease-specific news websites offer readers daily, up-to-date news about the diseases they are following online. Our high level of commitment to the patient populations we serve and the consistency in which we publish news leads to a level of trust and authority that filters down to our ad clients. Advertising on a BioNews site gives advertisers a non-branded approach to promoting their brand, product or service to a user base that is both targeted and open to messaging that pertains to their disease focus.

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Patient Education

Marketing and promotion in biotech doesn’t always begin on day one of a clinical trial or some arbitrary launch date; planning a successful campaign means cultivating a community around a new idea and steadily bringing the public around to understanding and embracing it. BioNews offers the most effective means of patient education and awareness due to our unique, non-branded approach to web traffic production. Through the use of daily, consistent news reporting directed at specific patient populations, our steady stream of digital content serves as an honest broker of information for online users who are need of it. As a result, BioNews sites offer a degree of trust and authority that brand-heavy website platforms simply cannot deliver.

BioNews can conduct content campaigns around a wide rang of biotech projects, including (but not limited to): upcoming clinical trials, soon-to-be approved pharmaceuticals, medical devices, public health initiatives, and investor relations.

BioNews offers more than just visibility on our daily digital news websites. Our platform also consists of robust social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites, as well as ever-growing e-mail subscribers. All of these assets are tuned specifically to niche patient populations, allowing you to engage with patients directly through content and sponsored messaging.

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Content Marketing / Native Advertising

When it comes to communicating with prospective customers online, the quality, accuracy, and trustworthiness of content is key. Modern web users have a keen sense of content they can trust and content they should avoid.

The hallmark of BioNews’ service offerings is our writing. Our editorial staff is composed of professional researchers, journalists, and web content specialists who, together with our network of targeted, disease-specific websites and proven web traffic channels, can optimize content and serve it to targeted audiences for any type of biotech marketing campaign.

Content marketing can be utilized as part of a brief publicity campaign, or can serve as a critical tool in a variety of our other products and services, including clinical trial recruitment, advertising, and patient education and retention.

BioNews’ content marketing services begin with a collaboration between you and our editorial staff to understand your company’s marketing objectives and how best to meet them through the publication and promotion of digital content. Our multidisciplinary team includes writing, research, and SEO professionals who can triangulate your message with writing that reachers and optimization that earns high visibility on search engines and social media. Whether you need content for branding, lead generation, highlighting a new product, or any other marketing objective, our team can deliver.

Whether you need to communicate with patients, physicians, researchers, investors, or business stakeholders, our content campaigns can ensure that your message is getting seen and read by the right target groups. Our team utilizes SEO best practices together with our sites’ niche, disease-specific focuses and well-developed traffic channels to ensure that articles and info pieces are reaching the audiences that you want to talk to.

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