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Mitochondrial Dysfunction May Account for Poor Prostate Cancer Outcomes in Black Americans

Prostate cancer health disparities between blacks and whites in the U.S. are well-documented, with studies demonstrating higher incidences of the cancer and poorer response to treatments among African-American men. Now, a new report suggests that mitochondrial problems in blacks with prostate cancer may account for their resistance to chemotherapy. The study, “Mitochondrial dysfunction-mediated apoptosis associates with defective…

NeuroVive to Present New Mitochondrial Research Data at May Conference in UK

NeuroVive Pharmaceutical AB, together with researchers from Lund University, will release new research data in three poster presentations at the upcoming Mitochondrial Medicine: Developing New Treatments for Mitochondrial Disease conference, to be held May 4–6, in Cambridge, United Kingdom. The data will largely be related to NeuroVive’s drug discovery platform, NVP015.